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True Paradise at TRU Mykonos

We recommend hitting the beach first and then make your way to the pool

August 30, 2017
Tags: Beach Bars
Many of you may be wondering what happened to Paradise Club? And what is the difference between the new TRU Paradise Mykonos and Paradise Club? Well, to start, a LOT. This season, the new owners created an entirely new experience, designed to be a ‘TRU’ paradise from morning to night.  

So, what does true paradise look like? We were hoping you’d ask. To us, paradise means from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, you have everything you want at an arm’s length, and everything is pretty much perfect. The view, the food, the people, the experience and the atmosphere. After spending the day at TRU Paradise Mykonos, we’re excited to share that we got all of the above.

1. Beach AND pool
This is a rare combination in Mykonos as nearly all beach clubs only have, well, a beach. Not that we’re complaining, the beaches in Mykonos are wonderful, but here you have the option of laying on a plush cabana on the beach or by the pool, steps away from the turquoise waters of Paradise Beach. We recommend hitting the beach first and then make your way to the pool in the afternoon when the party starts to get in on the action.

2. Fresh and fancy food at your fingertips
The food scene at Paradise Beach got a serious makeover. At TRU Paradise Mykonos, food is not just an afterthought – it is a key ingredient to the experience. Gone are the days of simple sandwiches, TRU Paradise Mykonos now offers tastes from around the world with dishes including sushi, steak tartare, thai chicken curry, pizza, Caesar salad, even Spanish Gazpacho! And those are just some of our favorites, the list goes on and on. When in Mykonos, it’s the time and place to indulge, so there’s some pretty sweet stuff to sink your teeth into. We recommend the crème brulee, cheesecake and chocolate fondant. Savor every bit of a TRU sensuous feast.

3. Surrounded by beauty
What’s paradise without being surrounded by beautiful people? Not sure what it is about Mykonos and Paradise Beach, but TRU Paradise seems to attract the super attractive. Be prepared for major eye candy. Oh, and the beach views don’t hurt either. Instagram goals.

4. Endless good music
From the first opening days of the party season, TRU Paradise Mykonos has been bringing some of the hottest names in music to its stage at night -  from Timmy Trumpet, Bingo Players, Sam Feldt to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. You should also expect an epic, paradise-worthy soundtrack for those afternoon sunset sessions.  

5. Even in heaven, there’s VIP
PPrivacy. Luxury. Service. Ah, the life of a VIP. This 5 level beach club takes the TRU Paradise Mykonos experience to the next level. Literally. There are elevated VIP areas above the rest of the club with sunbeds, so you can look over all of club like you own the place. You’ll get unobstructed views of the beach and won’t have to wait for a drink, never mind wait in line. We highly recommend, plus you can book in advance.

There is more than enough paradise to go around in Mykonos, but we’re always excited to see newer, bigger and better places on the island. Experience TRU Paradise Mykonos for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. 

-The MyMykonos App Team

Ps. For more information or to book, send our friends at TRU a note and they’ll hook you up: .

Photo credits: @mykonooos , @TRU Paradise Mykonos